At AFABCO, Hygiene is our priority, and we make sure everything in our product is organic, safe, and of very high quality. We have experts in the team who exercise strict caution in the extraction of the pulp and are present to process raw materials used in the manufacturing and producing of all our fruit juice brands.


We have an absolute belief in TBL and the values of sustainability. Our primary responsibility is to represent society and follow the importance of sustainable development; hence, we believe in conducting and encouraging nature-compliant activities.


Quality is something we never compromise. Our fruit juices are all pasteurized and refrigerated in a six-layered tetra pack to make them protected from any other environmental factor. They are then packed in cartons to be stored in a cold storage room, ready for global beverage distribution. We ensure to transport the juices via our cold storage supply chain, designed to provide secure and versatile delivery service to local, regional, and overseas wholesale beverage distributors to end customers.


We are certified, hygienic and full of nutrition to provide you the best quality products