Aiman Food and Beverages Co. is Aiman Comercio Geral’s sister-concern company in Luanda, Angola. It was founded in 2004 and has become a well-reckoned name engaged in beverage manufacturing. Initially, the major markets were East, West & South Africa, Angola, and Mozambique. After the enormous success in the region, the company decided to launch unmatched quality fruit drinks in Pakistan and set up the manufacturing facility in the heart of Punjab in 2014.


Being the MD of a beverage company comes with responsibilities. At AFABCO, we aim to help enrich people’s lives through healthy balanced choices. In our products, we seek to offer consumers an added-value solution that will help them enjoy a more nutritious and delicious diet that suits different modern consumer lifestyles and requirements across five continents.


AFABCO has a team of experts who are skillful and talented in their respective fields. Our team comes from a background of exceptional education, professional experience & expertise and helps the brand in every possible way.


Our mission is to provide high-quality products through advanced technology, processes, and systems to satisfy the sophisticated modern consumer. Our goal is to spread our high-quality products in the entire Gulf, Africa, and the USA, and in our future strategic perspective, it is to move to European, Asian, and Far-Eastern Markets.


We have multiple offices in Pakistan and in other parts of the world with dedicated, hardworking employees who are experts and highly skilful. We provide equal opportunities in an environment where the initiative and creativity of our employees assist in achieving the company’s vision.


Our factory is set up in Sheikhupura, Lahore, where we produce high-quality products using the safest ingredients and going through advanced technology, processes, and systems. Our team is diligent in our work and consistently delivers the best quality in everything we do